Hehe! I really didn’t mean to scare you off! 

Bio: Abdullah Muhammad Salisu, also known as Sal. I’m a Nigeria-born Nigerién. I’m fascinated by the things I can’t see, the wonders beyond the mortal eyes of humans. I like the art of writing but mostly obsessed about it than I practically do.  

Follow me on Twitter (@iamsalisu).


  1. Where’s everything else? We need to read you oh! 🙂
    You good? Merry Christmas man and a prosperous New Year!


  2. hehe! Thanks su’eddie nda to yuh :-D. I just created this blog, same as http://ahbdoollah.blogspot.com. Hey! Good thing you’re here. Help me choose between the two blogs. this blog or the other blog over there?


  3. Hello Abdullah, Hope you are well? Thank you for stopping at my blog and following me. I can see you love arts from your writing. I am now a follower.

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    • Hi Yvonne, I”m doing just fine, thank you! and I hope you are too.

      yea! I so much love Art, and you happened to be a lover of Art, I gathered from your kinds of blog posts. Well, thanks for following me(my blog).

      :), Salisu.

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  4. me

    Haha. Pen and Paper? I don’t know how many times I have tried to get back to that but it seems to chase my muse away each time. I just realise I am sitting there with a pen in my hand, a blank sheet on the table, and an empty mind. *sigh

    There is just ‘something’ about the keypads for me. I am still discovering what that ‘something’ is anyway. Hehe.

    Nice bio btw. What caught my eye most, Sir, is the part that says you can be (provokingly) fun sometimes. And ‘m like whoever is?! Lool.



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