Lamentation of pen

I had always thought “does my pen speak to me?” when I sat there staring at him…. and yes!, he does. This are words I hear my pen say to me.


I have a friend
He loves to write
But he does not know
How to write
He just wishes to write

When he looks around
His environment
Amazing thoughts comes
Out of his mouth

But after the bonnet is shut
The engine does not come on
How can I help this friend?
To put down this thought

When with pen and paper
He cannot interpret his mind
But when with colourful image
He rap his way through
Without rhymes

His mind is not of this world
But the world itself
He asked himself where he is?
For he fears the poverty
Of the pen
The baggage of name
Without the embrace of money
Even in his torment
He ignores the summon of muse
How do I help this friend?

For we are of the same clan
In muse
Although he contends his muse
This is now madness
How do I…

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