Curse of a bereft Mother/Witch (A Poem) by Abdullah Muhammadu Salisu

A night as cold as a corpse,
Silent as like the creature that crawls underneath the cot of a slumbered child,
Quiet as a shadow and
Quick as a snake.
In a hamlet carved out of the mountain Killmanjaro,
Haunts the ghost of an innocent soul (child),
Summoned by the chanting incantation of a witch,
and bitter tears of a bereft mother.

“Hear now and bear me a witness.
Hence light fades,
darkness gathers,
Let thou great Mawu
breach the veil betwixt of the living
and of that of the damned.

Breed miseries, sorrows, and pain,
Like the fresh molten metal cut,
unto Men
And for those his kin
weep tears of blood then be drown in it.
I should outh to be godly but I shan’t;
for I am no more,
for the Pigeon shall never build the nest of a Vulture.

Thou great Mawu,
hear me again,
And water my flowers,
And collect what you had given me
as a fetus in the womb of my mother,
Emí mí (my soul),”

Then she held a hand up above her head, with that; a knife appeared in her hand, and says as she cuts.

“Ye have heard that as it hath been said,”
“An eye for an eye,”
“A tooth for a tooth,”
“A hand for a hand,”
” A foot for a foot,”
“A life for their doom.”


  1. You write really well.
    But you are a little too ambiguous.
    Simplicity is key!


    • Thanks Hamid, I will try not to be ‘ambiguous’ and be straight from now onward. Also, thanks for telling me this “simplicity is key!” I’ll put that in mind.
      Have a lovely day!


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