2015 POEM

Finally the year presents its’ last date to many,

to many in mirth,

to many in misery,

to many as an ending date,

Januaries are made of Green,
for it’s a new start granted to any survival of ere.

Decembers are made of Red,
for it’s an opportunity gracefully honoured.

Monday is hectic,

Tuesday is any less,

Wednesday is opportuned of tomorrow’s sake,

Thursday, decisions shall be made,

Friday, lets call it an even,

Saturday is yet another day,

Sunday is full of merrier plaudits.

Today is wednesday,
last date of 2014.

What holds of thursday,
Begining date of 2015.

Resolution or Resolute.



  1. Lovely poen! Keep the ball rolling.


  2. I’m thankful you liked it. A lot of hugs from me to you, and I hope you do visit me here again.
    Happy new year sister funmy, embrace yourself for much to come in 2015.


  3. Nice…but maybe we should have said ‘Januaries’ and ‘Decembers’ or change the ‘are’ to ‘is’… Just thinking aloud.
    Well done on this one. 🙂


    • Thanks for the correction, su’eddie. And for sparing some of your time to read my poem.

      P.S: I hope you do stay with me ‘coz I could use a teacher like you. My blog is just for me to share my piece for others to see/read, and if there are mistakes in any of my posts, be corrected. – i’m just a learner. Thanks (again).


      • Hee hee hee! I’m here. I might not always follow as the blog posts come – in real time – but I would try to keep touch and give my honest thoughts. I got the mail.
        We would grow together Salisu. Let the times be kind and forever lead us to better days. You are most welcome 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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